Aug 18, 2010


I have nothing in particular to say. but I'm so excited to have my own blog that I do wish to say something. nggeeee~~.ok, I sound weird.

hermmm.. it has been more than 15 minutes and I'm still thinking on what to say.

and I think, I've been staring at the monitor for more than 30 minutes.

hmmm...ok la~~ I give up! I have nothing to say... 

but here,I want to show my naughty niece Dania's action on camera to all of you..enjoy!!

catch ya later!


  1. huhuhhh...anak yg sentiasa wat ibu dia dlm keadaan loud speaker!!but dia juga la penghibur n very concern bout her's mum heart!!ibu love u eana

  2. eana love u too ibu!!!-tlg jwb kan bagi pihak eana!!hahaha


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