Jul 16, 2010


My ex-classmate email this info to share with all of you...
IN CASES OF EMERGENCY,, a matter of LIFE & DEATH (eg Heart-attack, Strokes, Accidents) NEVER.. NEVER.. NEVER use a medical card! Why?

1.       In the emergency room, you will be asked to register and make a 'Deposit' BEFORE the  patient is TREATED!

2.       When you show the medical card,,the doctor MUST complete the claim form and fax to the insurance company BEFORE they can treat the patient. The hospital MUST wait until the insurance company Confirms coverage & limit of policy.

3.       ALL these procedures may take 1-2 HOURS!! By this time the patient may have lapsed into a coma!!

4.       Use your credit card or Cash FIRST. AFTER the patient has been treated & attended by the doctor, then show the admission counter nurse the medical card. She will then liaise with the insurance company directly for the approvals. She will tear the earlier credit card deposit  once  the insurance company has approved.

5.       By now the patient would have been wheeled into the room to rest or to the surgery room for immediate surgery..
 Sincerely we pray no one has to go through such an ordeal.

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