Jul 5, 2010

she's not virgin anymore~~

Yes!!My sister,Yana not virgin anymore..she's married!!(^_^)
she's getting married last Saturday, 3rd of July..the wedding ceremony was held at my parent’s house and she married to Mr. Nice Guy from Pahang...Pahang??pecah rekod..now Pahang is part of my family,,,yaaww~
Well doesn’t matter where does he came from actually, as long as their love each other and he can accept us as part of his own family like we accept him as part of ours, that’s good enough!!
So..hopefully their life be filled with all the happiness in the world!!

Well, here are some of the photos...

 we're not twins!!
 akad nikah~~

 window pose~~(^_*)
thumbs up to Kak Zai!!nice decoration!!!

 alhamdulillah..ramai orang~~

happy family!!!
tambah 1 lagi ahli!!hoyeaaayyy~~

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