Jul 28, 2010

Ayah's Birthday Celebration @ Le Chateau De Puah Restaurant

As I mentioned before last Saturday, we all went to Le Chat De Puah Restaurant to have a simple but meaningful  celebration for my dad's 56th birthday..56th??oucchhh~~ no worries ayah, you still look young than Abg Khairul~~(^_*) 

The reason we chose it is because we haven't dined in here before.  

 Lucky for us, we had reserved ourselves a nice place with a pretty cool scenery view (^_^)

 We insisted to buy him a Butterscotch Choc Chip at 4cakesinacup

 Eewww...I love this session..

When my dad feeding my mom..then

 My mom feeding my dad...awww~~so romantic yaww~~
Haaa..here some of the meal we've had.. 
Bukhara Rice with Lamb~
Sizzling Beef Steak~
 Bukhara Rice with Chicken~
 Permata Hijau~  
Banana split~~ 
Moccha Ice Blended..I guess!
Chicken Chop, Black Paper Chicken & Foul Maddames!
Total  bill came out to RM190.00 for 10 persons including 2 kids. Not too bad ya. 
All in all, everyone enjoyed the dinner very much (^_^)   
Hmmm..I cherish my family and Alhamdulillah..every single day for giving me the best parents in the world! I couldn't ask for more loving, caring, accepting and honorable parents..

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