Aug 24, 2012

Life was such a precious thing, easily broken right?

There are those day when I feel like I could cry for a billion reasons, bagai jatuh ditimpa tangga.When I try to sit down and think about them in order to solve it,too difficult for me to determine the issue in the first place. Maybe I'm too Drama Queen and gila emotional. I know what's wrong and I don't know what makes it wrong. I just want to fix it but I don't know how!! Arghhhh! not so easy to smiling and laughing when you're tak ada feeling langsung.  I'm not actress so sometime would be KANTOI. It more hurt when you looked your parents unhappy and depress. Astaghafirullalazim.

Ya Allah..please help us to overcome all problems. Please help mend this dark heart of mine, I wish to be on the right path..Help me be the most patience person I can ever and help me please Allah to be the most kindest person I can ever be.Ya Allah please give me a sign, form of guidane to be strong..Ameen

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