Mar 13, 2011

Goshhh, I'm 25??

yess,I'm 25.
well.. that just a number,I am innerly very young! (^_*)
Whatever then, thank you soooo much to EVERYONE that made wishes on my Facebook, Twitter, email, calling, SMS-es and MMS-es. 

 I LOVE to post up all the birthday wishes from facebook but this is gonna turn into a super lengthy post if I do..sorry ye..

But I'm very grateful that all of you remember me.. Thanks again.
 *touching pulak..It was really pleasant.

For the first time I spent it with all my gorgeous at Aussie.
I had the best cheese cake (by Miss Marina), carbonara + apam balik (by Che Dino), nasi lemak (by Che As), Aussie chocolate cake (sponsor by my darling Vincent) and the happening birthday party at Hampstead Road!!
Plus, Hot Chocolate and Tutti Frutti Waffle at Max Brenner are super duper fantastic!!!
trust me,
I was very very very HAPPY!!
It was a sooo good birthday as far as birthdays go!!
Thanks guys!!!
Thank YOU soooo much!!!!(seperti gaya Australian)
Big hugs and kisses!!

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  1. titizzz....mizzz u a lot!hapyy belated birthday...!!!!sorry lambat wish, coz i xde technology kat umah lorrr..ur kidss also mizz u...welcome back my dear!!!


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