Feb 17, 2011

The More You Delay, The More You Pay!!

Start from 1st March 2011, no discount for traffic summonses but you will pay more if you delay to paying that summonses .
Nasib baik,dah settled.
Kerajaan restructure system for paying traffic summonses based on 
"the more you delay, the more you pay!"
All vehicles including motorcycles!No excuse ye!!

No more speeding, beating the traffic lights, overtaking on double lines, tailgating, queue jumping, overtaking in the emergency lanes and using mobile phones (sms,mms,bbm,facebook,twitter etc.) while driving!! (-_-)

The amount will be multiplied if offences are committed 3 times or more within 2 months!!ouccchh~
Plus, the court action would be taken if fines are not settled within 60 days.
means See you in court!pffftt~

Fuhhh!My new mission will be PEMANDU BERHEMAH!!

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