Jun 21, 2011

Nadia's Wedding!!

Ingat tak entry Nadia's Engagement last year?
Now, it's time for Nadia's Wedding yawww!!

Gambar ini dicuri di profile Nadia sebab I tak pergi. (-_-)

The Solemnization of Nadia & Aliff
17th June 2011 at her palace.
Ermmm..sorry Nadia, I bukan sengaja tak datang. Ini semua gara-gara MEETING yang tak habis-habis sampai malam. Bila habis meeting tengok jam dah pukul 9..haihhhh~
Confirm you dah selamat Nikah, entah-entah dah nak tutup pintu. (-_-)

Yang penting..
The Reception - 18th June 2011
at Dewan Puspanitapuri, Putrajaya
I'm there and Nadia sangat cantik!!

Awww..Nadia looked absolutely stunning in her white dress!!

Nadia & Aliff,
a very HUGE congratulations as you prepare for your married lives together!hih
I'm sure you will be a very happy married couple!
May Allah bless your marriage and guide you in your new life together. InsyaAllah.
Jom lunch!(^_*)

p/s: Sesuai untuk hadiah kahwin..Samsung Galaxy S2.

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