Jun 24, 2011

Last day for Phat Fabes & Ben in Fly FM Pagi Show

Everybody knows today is last day for Phat Fabes & Ben in Fly Fm Pagi Show.
Yup, It is a really bad idea. 
Everybody loves them. Everybody needs them.
Anyway,who gonna replace them?
Pagi Rock Crew?
Honestly, that trial run with Nadia, Hafiz and Prem in Pagi Rock Crew was not really fun! Tak kelakar pun!
Hello Mr. Seelan! What are you trying to do?
It is a bad idea..I guess.

Dear Phat Fabes & Ben,
You guys have always been the best DJs in the world!
Feels so good driving and so much laughing (not sleepy at all) to work every morning listening your Pagi Show!
I just wanna tell you that ain't nobody can replace you guys! 
All the best in everything! We gonna miss you guys!!

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