Jun 17, 2010

OMG!!Usher in Kuala Lumpur!!!

USHER is so hot!!!i love all his songs!put me in any situation,,he's not only had amazing voice, his body also great and sexy,yawww~~..i love the way he perform with nice dance steps,,he looks so perfect!!! Pendek kate,,I love everything about him la!!

And the best part,USHER will come to Kuala Lumpur!!!hoooyeaaayy!!! he will perform at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on July 7...and the ticket is from RM98 to RM488.. hmmm,,,RM488 is not that bad..
haihhhh~~i still not enough money
to buy that ticket,,,

errrr,,someone bring me please,,(-_-)

I really really really wanna go for USHER!!!!

"OMG" are the best song in 2010!!!

even though
"U got it bad"
still the best song in the world!!!

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