Mar 6, 2012

Early March 2012

Hey readers!!
First of all, Happy Birthday for the babies on March! that ME!! (kenyit mata banyak kali)
Alhamdulillah..we're still alive and still continuing the journey.
How I wish this will be the most prosperous month of the year.

Well nothing much to say about. 2 days to go I will fly for beach vacation!!
Hoooyeayyyy, time to PHUKET!
Ya Allah! I seriously super duper excited with my this beach vacation.
So now, Let me to share what I'm searching on google these days!

Yes, everything about beach vacation and Phuket!!!
Hopefully I can go all of  "must do activities" in Phuket!
Wahh!banyak duit kau? Kau ingat kau siapa? Erkkkk..
Ok bye!

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