Dec 8, 2011

1 Disember 2011, 6 Muharram 1433H detik permulaan

New month, New environment, New location, New friends, New field, New work, New career, New life... Everything's NEW!

1st December 2011 / 6 Muharram 1433H
I'm beginning a new phase of my life and starting a new job.
What a great way to start the Muharram.. I'm feeling really grateful!  Please wish me luck and have a good future here!! I may need it!  InsyaAllah..but I'm still nervous!!grrrr..
Is it true?? Nahhhh,you should think the best for yourself dude!! p/s: I should post this entry last week but I forgot to click PUBLISH POST! Boooooo ME! Erk?

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