Sep 24, 2010

tony eusoff saman fly fm?

Siapa dengar radio fly fm pagi tadi?
Tak ke?Rugi!!
Hah, kenapa-kenapa?
Amboi-amboi, kepoh sungguh ye.
Kenal Tony Eusoff?

Yes, he's Tony Eusoff, actor but I just not remember he played in which drama or film.
Kureng famous sikit dia ni.
On this morning, someone we called as Mr. Anonymous told to fly fm pagi show, he saw Tony Eusoff in a KLIA toilet and  get into a cubicle with another man!  
The best part is  Mr Anonymous also recorded the sound of whatever they're doing inside and fly fm actually playing it!!!Ouchhhh~~
Erkk?tak nak cakap banyak. Then, Tony Eusoff calls up and gets all angry and threatens to sue them (Fly fm & Mr. Anonymous) for defamation.
But a few minutes after all the calling, texting and tweeting 
Nadia, Phat Fabes & Ben just told that it’s not true,
  it was a prank!

Errrkk..Tiba-tiba je kan?

Alasannya sehari sebelum tu all of them were lepak-lepak and there's story in the newspaper about how actually P.Ramlee only know 1 instrumental that is piano. All the trumpet, guitar that he played in the movie actually just act. Hah?tipah tertipu!!P. Ramlee memang pelakon hebat! All Malaysian believe that he can play all that. So then Tony Eusoff comes out with the idea to prove that Malaysian are gullible and love gossips!hmmmm..?
If that right, we all  actually eat it up!
*Let's clap our hands together!Pap..pap..pap! 
Padan muka!

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